We are passionate about quality

Our work is driven by a pursuit of design excellence and enduring quality. For us, design excellence means striving for the highest level of quality, innovation, and effectiveness in creating built environments that enhance the human experience, fostering connection, well-being, and a sense of place. We believe in the transformative power of high-quality design to enrich people’s lives.

Holistic design process

A deep understanding of users’ needs, site attributes, physical and social contexts, and cultural factors forms the foundation for our approach. This entails a holistic perspective, taking into account not only aesthetic appeal but also functionality, sustainability, cultural relevance, and liveability. We then engage in a rigorous process of research, conceptualization, iteration, and refinement, working closely with our clients, other stakeholders, engineering specialists, and relevant consultants. Collaboration and openness are key to this process. Our goal is to produce meaningful and impactful built solutions, regardless of the scale or budget, that inspire, uplift, and enrich the lives of those who interact with them.

Materiality and craft

Our approach to architecture, interior, and landscape design considers every element as part of a unified whole. From the full extent of the site to the fine details on the interior, each project is considered from the macro to micro scale. We strive to create built work that is not only functional but also elegant, and to imbue our projects with character and finely crafted detail, achieving a balance between clarity and warmth. Our approach has led to spaces that reflect a sensitivity to materiality, craft, and where distinctive form and colour play a powerful role.

Integration of natural elements

Embracing biophilic principles long before it became a trend, we design spaces with a connection to the natural world to promote well-being and enhance productivity. Our projects integrate natural light, natural materials, and connect to their natural surroundings to create harmonious and healthy spaces. We seek innovative ways to establish a connection to the outdoors, expanding interior spaces and providing access to nature to promote health and wellness. We prioritize the integration of wood as both a building material and finish. Wood is a renewable and carbon-neutral material that not only contributes to healthy environments but also enhances the aesthetic richness of our projects.

The integration of natural light is a foundational aspect that brings warmth and vitality to interior spaces. We employ various techniques to optimize the presence of natural light, including strategically placed windows, skylights, light wells, and clerestory openings. This results in dynamic and luminous interiors that evolve with the changing patterns of daylight. By intentionally incorporating natural light and materials, this not only enhances the visual appeal of our projects but also promotes the well-being of occupants.

Design Research

Challenging the status quo drives our research projects, ranging from density to liveability to sensitive urban interventions, with a focus on environmental and social sustainability. Through our research studies, installations, and design work, we explore new and evolving modes of occupying space. Our approach combines strategic consultancy with ongoing research on sustainability and liveability.

Our self-initiated design research focuses on developing approaches to address the shortage of housing options in urban areas by proposing incremental, rapid solutions to increase density, prioritizing missing middle and midrise solutions that integrate into existing neighborhoods with an emphasis on supporting liveability for inhabitants. These schemes explore means to enhance the liveability, adaptability and accessibility of multi-unit housing for diverse income levels, cultures, and generations.

Thought Leadership

Our design research allows us to influence and shape conversations around key issues, driving innovation and improving outcomes in the built environment. Our commitment to thought leadership extends beyond our own projects. Through advocacy efforts, we strive for meaningful change. We actively share our findings, aiming to advance dialogue and inspire positive change industry-wide. Collectively, we can elevate the quality of our work, fostering vibrant, resilient, and inclusive built environments that enhance the quality of life for individuals and communities.