What the international press and others have to say about us and our work.


Habitus Living (Australia)
'Cabin chiaroscuro in the Canadian woods' featuring Bunkie on the Hill, Gilian Serisier, May 2024

'Dubbeldam's rustic cottage in canadian woodlands unfolds within two intersecting gables', Ravail Khan, 10 May 2024

'In rural Ontario, a timber cabin by Dubbeldam Architecture + Design creates a ‘quiet haven in the trees’, Niall Patrick Walsh, 3 May 2024

'Bunkie on the Hill serves as a quiet Muskoka haven to re-connect with nature', Tomi Obi, 6 May 2024

'Rising stars and established names across Canada comprise the RAIC Annual Award recipients for 2024', Josh Niland, 29 April 2024

The Wall Street Journal
'The Spiral Staircase is Getting a New Twist' featuring Flow House, Sarah Paynter, 23 April 2024

IW Magazine (Taiwan)
'Binary Spectrum | Dubbeldam Architecture + Design', Angel Chi, March 2024

'Garden Circle House is a beacon of sustainable design', Misha Gajewski, March 2024

The Wall Street Journal
'Firewood Displays' featuring Catchacoma Cottage, Sarah Paynter, March 6 2024

KBB Magazine
'Starting from Green: A historic home in Canada gains space without growing its footprint' featuring Flow House, Carrie Whitney, Jan/Feb 2024, Pg. 70-71

'Architizer: The World's Best Architecture Twenty Twenty Four', featuring Binary Spectrum, 2024

A Vivre Magazine (France)
'La maison de potier qui semble elle-meme sculptee', Coline Jacquet, Jan/Feb 2024


'Bunkie on the Hill', December 2023

Canadian Architect
'Benchmark Report 2023: Women in Canadian Architecture—An Update', Rhys Phillips, November 2023

Modo de Vida (Puerto Rico)
'Dubbeldam Office', Valentina Valldejuli, November 2023

'Women-led Architecture Practices: Redefining Urban Housing Design at the Time Space Existence Exhibition in Venice', Nour Fakharany, October 2023

Today’s Living (China)
'Flow House', Eunice Li, October 2023, Cover & Pg. 58-66

ULI Urban Land
'Ten developments take advantage of the environmental and operational benefits of geothermal energy', Rob Nyren, September 2023

URDesign Magazine
'Dubbeldam Chooses Curved Forms for the Renovation of a Victorian-Era House in Toronto', September 2023

Azure Magazine
'Reconceptualizing Urban Housing Highlights Female Perspectives', Elizabeth Pagliacolo, August 2023

'Reconceptualizing Urban Housing focuses on the collective expertise of nine women-led architectural studios', Gerard McGuickin, July 2023

'Toronto Building Becomes a Community Hub', Lili Monette-Crépô, July 2023

Azure Magazine
'AZ Awards of Merit: Binary Spectrum', July/August 2023

Construction Canada
'Toronto architect converts neglected building into versatile creative hub', June 2023

'25 best architecture firms in Canada', May 2023

inInteriors (France)
'Exposition: « Reconceptualizing Urban Housing » à Venise', May 2023

Arquine (Mexico)
'Reconceptualizando la vivienda urbana: Una exposición de proyectos liderados por mujeres presente en la 18° Bienal de Venecia', May 2023

Canadian Architect
'Reconceptualizing Urban Housing Exhibition on liveable collective housing to launch at Venice Biennale', May 2023

Azure Magazine
'15 Must-Sees at the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2023', Elizabeth Pagliacolo, May 2023

'Time Space Existence 2023 Envisions New Sustainable Ways Forward', Christele Harrouk, May 2023

'8,000 Discs Were Suspended To Create This Artistic Installation', May 2023

Design Dekko (Singapore)
'Binary Spectrum Kitchener, Canada Dubbeldam Architecture + Design', May 2023

Journal du Design (France)
'Binary Spectrum, installation cinétique et expérience sensorielle', Camille Caruana, May 2023


Canadian Interiors
'Binary Spectrum, Kitchener, ON', David Lasker, November 2022

Canadian Interiors
'Shift House, Toronto', David Lasker, November 2022

'Dubbeldam Architecture seeks to delight and surprise', Iris Benaroia, November 2022

Toronto Star
'Skygarden House in Toronto drawings the outdoors into its design', Georgie Binks, November 2022

'Grands Prix du Design Feature: Binary Spectrum', October 2022

'Grands Prix du Design Feature: Flow House', October 2022

'Westmount Building | Dubbeldam Architecture + Design', September 2022

'Bata Shoe Factory | BDP Quadrangle, Dubbeldam Architecture + Design', August 2022

'End Note: What's Next?', Catherine MacIntosh, June 2022

Real Estate Management Industry News Network
'Lobby installation illuminates Kitchener’s shift to digital economy', Rebecca Melnyk, May 2022

Ambientes Magazine (Chile)
'Power10: Motivacion immersiva', Nelson Ebensperger, April 2022


'25 Best Architecture Firms in Toronto' Athena Waligore, October 2021

National Post
'Eye on the Future', Danny Sinopoli, September 2021

Canadian Architect
'Book Excerpt: Canadian Architecture - Evolving a Cultural Identity', Leslie Jen, September 2021

'These are some of the most beautifully-designed new buildings in Toronto', Jack Landau, August 2021

Interior Design Magazine
'Dubbeldam Office by Dubbeldam Architecture + Design 2020 Best of Year Winner for Firm's Own Office North America', Edie Cohen, February 2021

Canadian Architect
'Acting on Equity', Elsa Lam, February 2021

Metropolis Magazine
'What They're Specifying: Heather Dubbeldam', Editors, January 2021


Interior Design Magazine
'Dubbeldam Architecture + Design Brings Indoor Rowing to Toronto', Matthew Hague, December 2020

Globe & Mail
'Toronto architecture practice designs an office with community at top of mind', Dave Leblanc, December 2020

'Seven Terrific Ways to Use Slatted Wood', Designlines, Sara Cunningham, November 2020

Canadian Interiors
'Dividing Screens: For Your Protection, pt. 1', Peter Sobchak, October 2020

ACE Update Magazine
'Contemporary Architecture Can Have a Better Relationship with the Urban Environment', Cover Article, October 2020

Canadian Interiors
'Garden Circle House', Christiane Beya, October 2020

Office Snapshots
"A Tour of Informa's Modern Toronto Office', August 2020

Office Lovin’
'A Tour of Azure Publishing’s New Toronto Headquarters', May 2020

Globe & Mail
‘Biophilic Design Brings the Outdoors Inside’, featuring Garden Circle House, Matthew Hague, February 2020

Toronto Life
'A Natural Oasis In Midtown: Skygarden House', Jean Grant, February 2020 Green Issue

'Hot Ticket: Fun and mind-expanding things to do this season', Gregory Furgala, February 2020

Re-Thinking the Future
'Contrast House by Dubbeldam Architecture + Design', January 2019


'Azure Publishing Offices', November 2019

Wideprint (Argentina)
'Oficina Editorial Azure | Dubbeldam Architecture + Design', November 2019

Collections Magazine
'Outside-In: Biophilic Design in Architecture', Heather Dubbeldam, Fall 2019

Office Snapshots
'Azure Offices - Toronto', August 2019

'7 Modern Homes with Perfectly Pitched Roofs', featuring Skygarden House, August 2019

Glocal Magazine (Mexico)
'Testimonio arquitectónico de renovación: Walper Hotel', July 2019

Casa Naturale Magazine (Italy)
'Tra Interno ed Esterno: Casa Skygraden', Giorgia Bollati, Summer 2019

Canadian Architect
'Spanish Tiles Go Green', Heather Dubbeldam, June 2019

Globe & Mail
'Refreshed Walper Hotel a Symbol of Downtown Kitchener’s Resurgence', Property Report, David McPherson, April 2019

Diseño Interior Magazine (Spain)
'Oficinas Escenarios Creativos: Slack', April 2019

Designing Ways Magazine (South Africa)
'The Walper Hotel', April 2019

The Living Magazine (Korea)
'The Living Report: Informa Canada Offices', Cover Article, March 2019

Making Marks: Architects’ Sketchbooks
'Sketches from Dubbeldam Architecture + Design', Will Jones, February 2019

Canadian Interiors
'Informa Toronto', February 2019

Marktimpulse Magazine (Germany)
'Back to the Future: Skygarden House', Macarena Abascal Valdenebro, January 2019


Fast Company Magazine
'398 Companies & Products We Love', featuring Dubbeldam as one of the most forward-thinking design business innovators, October 2018

Espacios Interiores Magazine (Spain)
'Oficinas de Slack en Toronto', October 2018

Offscreen Magazine (Australia)
'Slack Toronto Office', September 2018

Canadian Interiors
'Leading By Example: Architectural Advocate Heather Dubbeldam', Cover Article, Leslie Smith, September/October 2018

Old Houses Made New (Germany)
'Skygarden House', Macarena Abascal Valdenebro, September 2018

Canadian Interiors
'Best of Canada', David Lasker, July 2018

Pivot Magazine by CPA Canada
'The Great Divide', featuring Slack Toronto Office, Alex Bozikovic, May/June 2018

SAB Magazine
'Canadian Green Building Awards Jury', featuring Heather Dubbeldam as jury member for 2018 Canadian Green Building Awards, Summer 2018

'Slack Toronto Office', April 2018

Surfaces and More Magazine (Italy)
'Dubbeldam Architecture + Design Designs Slack Offices in Toronto', Raimondo Lovati, April 2018

Open Concept Houses
'Skygarden House, Through House', Francesc Zamora, February 2018

Architette = Women Architects Publication (Italy)
'Heather Dubbeldam', Mery Kaldani, January 2018


Toronto Life
'Inside Slack’s new Toronto location', Jean Grant, October 2017

'Adventures in Renovating', Tory Healy, October 2017

Canadian Interiors
'The present through a rear-view mirror', Rhys Phillips, September/October 2017

'Decks of Desire: 9 of Toronto’s Best Patios', August 2017

Globe & Mail
'Save the Planet, Save Some Cash', John Lorinc, July 2017

Architectural Digest
'You don’t have to turn your house into a spaceship to go green', Lindsey Mather, July 2017

I·Housing III (Korea)
'Skygarden House', Stella Jeong, April 2017

'30 Must-Know Women Architects', March 2017

NOW Magazine
'Why old buildings need new ideas', Richard Longley, February 2017

Globe & Mail
'Globe Style: Success by design', Alex Bozikovic, January 2017


Toronto Life
'Best of the City: Architects & Designers', 2016

Cer Magazine International (Italy)
'Urbane Oase', Katrin Cosseta, November 2016

Re-Thinking the Future
'Travelzoo Office by Dubbeldam Architecture + Design', August 2016

Office Snapshots
'Travelzoo Offices - Toronto', August 2016

OAA Perspectives Magazine
'Design Excellence Award Winners – Skygarden House', Summer 2016

SAB Magazine
'2016 Winning Project – Skygarden House', Issue 52, Summer 2016

'Skygarden House', May 2016

Globe & Mail
'Head in the Clouds', Dave LeBlanc, May 2016

Vivienda y Decoración (Chile)
'Dos En Uno', Gloria Mulet, April 2016

Toronto Star
'Canada’s Best Building Porn', featuring Skygarden House, Geoff Vendeville, April 2016

Designlines Magazine
'Exploring Outer Space', Iris Benaroia, Spring 2016

Más Deco (Chile)
'Diálogo de Volúmenes', Osvalda Luco, January 2016


Interior Design Magazine
'Best of Year – Budget', December 2015

Interior Design Magazine
'Best of Year – Small House', December 2015

'A Cramped Boarding House Transformed Into an Open, Modern Home in Toronto', Sam Elmore, December 2015

Más Deco (Chile)
'Contrastes', featuring Contrast House on the cover, Loreto Davis, November 2015

Globe & Mail
'Globe Real Estate: A Hidden Annex Gem Shines Anew', Dave LeBlanc, 25 September 2015

Architecture Mouvement Continuité (France)
'L’Émergence des Lieux Éphémères', Laure Carsalade, June/July 2015

'Dubbeldam's Converted Victorian Terrace in Toronto is a House of Contrasts', February 2015

'Bright, Efficient Upgrade Transforms a Victorian in Toronto', Laura C. Mallonee, March 2015


Toronto Life City Home Guide
'London Calling', Alex Bozikovic, Fall 2014

Azure Magazine
'The Winner’s Circle', July/August 2014

Grand Designs Magazine (UK)
'Stamp of Approval', Sophie Vening, August 2014

International Architecture & Design Magazine
'Finding Flow', Summer 2014

Toronto Life Real Estate Magazine
'Through House on the cover of Toronto Life Real Estate', June 2014

Decor Magazine (Ukraine)
'Autobiography', featuring Bata Penthouse, Natalia Beliakova, March/April 2014

National Post
'His Daily Remedy', Jack Kohane, April 2014

Canadian Interiors
'Go With the Flow', Leslie C. Smith, January/February 2014

Globe & Mail
'Globe Real Estate: In Her Shoes', Carolyn Ireland, March 2014


Interior Design Magazine
'Best of Year Honoree – Pop-up Office', December 2013

Canadian Interiors
'Best of Canada 16', featuring Pop-up Office, David Lasker, Fall 2013

Canadian House & Home Magazine
'Home of the Month: Less is More', Barbara Sgroi, September 2013

EcoHouse Canada Magazine
'2013 Winning Residential Project – Through House, Toronto', Suzanna MacDonald, Summer 2013

SAB Magazine
'2013 Winning Project – Through House', Summer 2013

Hiše Magazine (Slovenia)
'Hiša Suspenza', featuring Contrast House, May 2013

Canadian Architect
'RAIC Awards – Advocate for Architecture', featuring an article on Heather Dubbeldam's architecture advocacy efforts, May 2013

Globe & Mail
'Creating a Waterfront Site to Behold', featuring Heather Dubbeldam among 'Urban Visionaries' who share their creative proposals for Exhibition Place, Vidya Kauri, Oliver Moore, Tara Perkins, and Brad Wheeler, August 2013

National Post
'Making Her Move', featuring Dubbeldam's renovation of Sonja Bata's penthouse, Shinan Govani, August 2013

No Mean City
'Dubbeldam Architecture’s Through House', Alex Bozikovic, April 2013

Globe & Mail
'Globe Real Estate: Thoroughly Modern Victorian', John Bentley Mays, July 2013

'Through House in Toronto, Canada', Alex Bozikovic, April 2013

Canadian Interiors
'15 and Counting', featuring the Dubbeldam team and Pop-up Office, Leslie C. Smith, March/April 2013

Globe & Mail
'Wood Like You’ve Never Seen It Before', featuring Annex House, Dave McGinn, March 2013

Globe & Mail
'A Feel for Felt', featuring Through House, Matthew Hague, February 2013

Designlines Magazine
'Inner Glow', Leslie Smith, Spring 2013

Globe & Mail
'The World Is Ours', Amy Verner, January 2013


Globe Style Advisor
'The Upside of White', Alex Bozikovic, Fall 2012

Globe & Mail
'The Power of Nooks and Crannies', Matthew Hague, November 2012

Toronto Life City Home Guide
'Giant Steps', May 2012

20 Private Wohntraume Magazine (Germany)
'Alles ist Erleuchtet', Heike Heel, January/February 2012

Construir Magazine (Brazil)
'Os Novos Lofts', Numero 158, 2012


Canadian Interiors
'Best of Canada – Contrast House, Toronto', David Lasker, November 2011

Toronto Home
'Thoroughly Modern Victorian', Stephanie Whittaker, Fall 2011

Oris Magazine (Croatia)
'Toronto Infill', Will Jones, 2011

Toronto Life Home Decor Guide
'The Directory', 2011


'Architecture News: Letter from Canada', featuring Dubbeldam as 'One of Canada's Architects Starting to Make their Mark', Will Jones, December 2010

No Mean City
'Showing off architecture', Alex Bozikovic, October 2010

National Post
'Victor Victorian', Jack Kohane, 18 September 2010

Contemporaneu (Brazil)
'Residencia em Cabbagetown', July 2010

Interior Public Space (Hong Kong)
'Loft with Oriental Charm', June 2010

Casa International (Hong Kong)
'Walmer Loft', June 2010

Globe & Mail
'Globe Real Estate: An Unconventional House', Alex Bozikovic, May 2010

Sustainable Architecture & Building Homes
'Victorian Makeover', Spring/Summer 2010

Canadian Interiors
'Hideout', Erin Donnelly, January/February 2010

View Magazine (Hong Kong)
'Green New Face for an Old House', January 2010


'Interactive Floorplan: Cabbagetown, Toronto', Ellie Stathaki, November 2009

Globe & Mail
'The Perfect House', John Bentley Mays, August 2009

'Inside Job', Alex Bozikovic, Spring 2009

Canadian Architect
'Two-Faced', David Steiner, April 2009

Globe & Mail
'Liquid Assets', Kathy Flaxman, May 2009

Riverside Press
'Twenty + Change 02: Emerging Canadian Design Practices', 2009

Riverside Press
'Twenty + Change 01: Emerging Toronto Design Practices', 2009

Verlagshaus Braun Publishing (Switzerland)
'Collection Houses', Michelle Galindo, March 2009

Globe & Mail
'Globe Real Estate: Old on the Outside - Modern on the Inside', Alex Bozikovic, January 2009


Toronto Life
'All in the Family', Veronica Maddocks, July 2008

Perspectives Magazine
'Best Emerging Practices', Gordon Grice, Summer 2008

Toronto Star
'Living Under the Greenest of Roofs', Kathy Flaxman, September 2008

'Walmer Loft | Dubbeldam Architecture + Design', 2008


Canadian Architect
'Silent Woods', Leslie Jen, September 2007

Canadian Architect
'Twenty + Change: The Next Generation', Marco Polo, September 2007

National Post
'Post Homes - Constructive Criticism', October/November 2007


Ming Pao Newspaper (Hong Kong)
'Woodside House', Joanna Tong, November 2006

Globe & Mail
'Home of the Week: Modern Oasis in the Country', Jane Gadd, October 2006

NOW Magazine
'Best of Toronto – Best Art & Design', October 2006

Canadian Interiors
'Best of Canada', David Lasker, July/August 2006


Applied Arts Magazine
'One of a Kind Hotel', Pamela Young, December 2005

ESPACE Magazine
'411 Offset', Yam Lau, Winter 2005

Globe & Mail
'Talk of the Town – Gladstone Hotel', Tralee Pearce, November 2005

Canadian Architect
'Checking In', featuring Gladstone Hotel Room, Leslie Jen, September 2005

Metropolitan Home Magazine
'Metro – Gladstone Hotel', Kate Walsh, October 2005

401 Richmond Update
'Making Room at the Gladstone Hotel', Erin MacKeen, Fall 2005