'Creating a Waterfront Site to Behold', featuring Heather Dubbeldam among 'Urban Visionaries' who share their creative proposals for Exhibition Place, Vidya Kauri, Oliver Moore, Tara Perkins, and Brad Wheeler, August 2013

Alongside a builder, a concert promoter, and the area’s city councillor, Heather Dubbeldam shares her proposal for re-thinking Ontario Place: a benchmark redevelopment with sustainable design and landscaping. Called upon to participate as a leader in sustainable design and building in Toronto, Dubbeldam is optimistic about the various components of Ontario Place continuing to work together in harmony. She advocates for retaining the character of the parkland space: “If you look at all the world-class cities, their waterfronts are developed in a way that’s harmonious both indoors and outdoors with a connection to the waterfront, not inward-looking buildings with no windows.”

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