Material Works

Material Works was an exhibition curated by principal Heather Dubbeldam, in a pop-up gallery space in the base of our midtown Toronto building. The pop-up gallery was conceived of as a means to activate the busy corner retail space and draw the local creative community to a previously unused space while giving a prominent venue to local artists free of charge. Launched in the spring of 2019 shortly after the completion of our major building renovation, the exhibition debuted for Doors Open weekend in late May 2019 and ran for 6 weeks.

Material Works showcased the work of local makers and artists who are exploring material in interesting ways. Working with blown glass, felt, cow hides, reclaimed fabrics, copper, broom bristles, paint layered on acrylic, cardboard, washers, nails, wood and steel – these artists and makers are exploring the specific qualities of each material and the intersection, whether real or imagined, between utility, beauty, waste and excess. This encourages the viewer to contemplate their relationship with objects and products, and how the seeming banality of common materials may be celebrated. Showcasing the wealth of creative practices in our St. Clair West community, we brought together these talented individuals in the new creative hub we have been building.

Exhibition curated by Heather Dubbeldam

Featured artists include:
Jordan Dunlop
Sam Mogelonsky
Shaun Moore (MADE Design)
Cole Swanson
Brad Turner Art & Design
Annie Tung
Erin Vincent
Kathryn Walter (FELT studio)
Eve Weinberg (eve likes green)

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