Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto

The transformation of a 100-year old women’s golf club honours its heritage while introducing a modern addition and amenities that foster community.

The Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto, the only all-female golf club in North America, is currently undergoing a renovation and addition to their 100-year-old clubhouse to address current capacity issues and enhance member experience. Founded in 1924 by professional golfer Ada Mackenzie, the club has a rich history of female empowerment that continues to this day, with values centered on community, heritage, and legacy. The updates to the clubhouse will support the club’s values and position it for continued success for the next century.

The renovation of the heritage clubhouse involves removing non-historical additions built in the 1990s, restoring the original structure to a state of good repair, and revitalizing the building with new purpose. The removal of an awning structure on the west elevation restores the full view of the historically significant “clubhouse on the hill” procession. On the east side, adjacent to the parking area, a new glazed entrance links the historic clubhouse with the addition, visually and physically connecting the old and new structures.

Additional and better-planned spaces will support membership events and accommodate future growth and programming flexibility. The heritage clubhouse will feature new member areas, including a living room, bar lounge, locker room, multipurpose room with lofted ceilings, and a business centre. The addition consists of two parts: a new, larger commercial kitchen with support spaces (washrooms, storage, and elevator), and a dining room for everyday use and member events. The dining room, constructed of exposed timber, is bathed in natural light from upper glazing and operable doors on three sides. A covered patio wraps around the south and west sides of the dining room, with operable folding door systems creating a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces, accommodating over a hundred guests for large events like tournaments. The covered patio also provides a comfortable three-season dining terrace for members who enjoy spending time outdoors.

Recognizing the members’ love for the club’s landscaping and outdoor experience, all outdoor spaces are surrounded by lush planting beds. A natural material palette of wood, brick, and stone is used throughout the interior and exterior to enhance the cohesive design.

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