Sidewalk Labs

In partnership with Waterfront Toronto, Sidewalk Labs has been working to develop innovative new housing models for Toronto’s Eastern Waterfront. The tenets of this development embrace flexible living typologies while encouraging innovation around modularity, affordability, energy and waste reduction, and other environmental challenges. Sidewalk’s goal is to introduce more affordable and sustainable housing to Toronto’s downtown area. We were commissioned by Sidewalk Toronto to develop this research through a design study focusing on flexible, micro living in a multi-unit residential building model. Our research explored a co-living model of habitation, identifying it as an effective means of resource-sharing and management. Numerous floor plate iterations were developed, demonstrating the potential adaptability of a modular, co-living typology. In order to make the spaces more liveable and enjoyable, private outdoor living spaces were incorporated, along with double height indoor green spaces with community gardens called ‘breathing rooms’. The study explored community building and social engagement through the design of various common areas, located in uplifting light- and plant-filled spaces.

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