As offices around the globe struggle to find solutions that will facilitate the safe return of employees to workspaces, we came up with an environmentally friendly solution to support physical distancing for our coworking space and our clients’ workspaces. The amount of waste that acrylic dividers will be creating around the world is staggering. Not to mention the high cost of acrylic and the clinical feel they create. We designed something more elegant, more affordable and more sustainable. Made from Ecofelt which is manufactured from PET (polyester fibers containing at least 60% post consumer recycled content, ie. single use recycled plastic bottles), the DeskPET contains no VOC’s, resists bacterial and fungal growth, is colour fast (won’t fade over time) and is 100% recyclable. The DeskPET is east to install (snaps together with no tools required) and easy to store flat when not in use, easy to clean & disinfect, can be used as a pin-up board, and has sound absorptive properties for workspaces. Available in 20 different colours, they can be mixed & matched as desired. Cool accessories such as our “Do Not Disturb Dot” or custom laser cut-outs are available. To purchase:

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