Our research on incremental housing density in neighbourhoods to be featured at Venice Biennale

We have been conducting design research into missing middle prototypes that explore incremental density in Toronto’s neighbourhoods, focusing on sustainable design, liveability, and the potential for replicability on different sites. Exploring prototypes for a range of average-sized single lots in Toronto, these are designs that can be inserted into neighbourhoods across the city, typically on main streets that can sustain higher density. The housing units promote collective and family-oriented living with both private and shared outdoor spaces, multiple bedrooms, and ample views and daylighting, offering an alternative to high-rise condominiums that can be developed in a shorter time frame.

We’re excited to share this research in our upcoming “Reconceptualizing Urban Housing” exhibition at the European Cultural Centre in Venice, as part of their Time Space Existence exhibition. The exhibition will be mounted at Palazzo Mora during the Venice Architecture Biennale from May to November 2023.

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