Lokaal Coworking

A vibrant and inspiring coworking space becomes a knowledge sharing incubator for entrepreneurs.

Lokaal is a boutique coworking space situated in Toronto’s Corso Italia neighbourhood aimed at providing a shared space for entrepreneurs who want to belong to and work in a collaborative environment filled with inspiration, camaraderie, and opportunities for networking and growth. The name “Lokaal,” derived from the Dutch word meaning “local”, embodies a space that not only supports the local community but also fosters an environment conducive to collaboration. Lokaal offers a range of amenities including shared workspaces, private offices, a meeting room, a spacious kitchen, a phone booth, and a lounge, all designed to accommodate diverse work styles from collaborative to confidential.

Upon entry, visitors and coworkers are greeted by a pleated felt wall crafted by local felt artist Kathryn Walter of Felt Studio, offering both a welcoming aesthetic and sound dampening between the two halves of the space. At one end, an expansive open workspace integrates a large central shared table and fixed desks along the wall, complemented by an inviting lounge area featuring a custom-designed felt light fixture, also by Walter. An existing red brick wall has been meticulously restored in this main space, offering a subtle contrast to the locally sourced light maple wood flooring. At the other end, a kitchen with a large table creates an additional workspace, supported by a small meeting room. Outside the meeting room, a floor-to-ceiling chalkboard provides a space for sketching or sharing information.

The abundance of natural light streaming through generous windows provides an uplifting atmosphere and affords views of the surrounding environment. White walls and charcoal doors and frames create a clean backdrop, while vibrant light fixtures and bold graphics inject a sense of playfulness. Additionally, a telephone booth, designed for acoustic privacy during calls or virtual meetings, features a graphic wall adorned with a delicate black line drawing by artist Abigail Edwards.

The design of Lokaal not only encourages productivity and collaboration but also underscores a dedication to sustainability and community. By prioritizing local materials and practices, Lokaal embodies the principles of the 15-minute city, offering a dynamic hub where individuals can work and connect within a short walk from their residences.


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