Jantzi Research Office

Located in the historic 215 Spadina building owned by Urbanspace Property Group (known for its focus on preservation and restoration), an interior office fit-up was commissioned by Jantzi Research, an investment research firm that evaluates and monitors the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance of global securities and investment funds. In keeping with the client’s philosophical and business practices, their new office space had to reflect a sense of environmental responsibility. The project objectives for the new office fit-up was to maximize the use of sustainable materials, draw natural light into the center of the large plan, and be completed on a very minimal budget.

The original brick walls, double-hung wood windows and Douglas Fir posts and beams were exposed and accentuated. Partitions are pulled away from the wood columns, allowing occupants to read the full height and extent of the original structure. Private office spaces occupy the perimeter of the plan with recyclable double-skinned polycarbonate screens instead of conventional partitions, allowing natural light to flood the interior workspaces. The screens incorporate a combination of translucent and transparent panels, permitting a degree of privacy in the offices while still allowing the transmission of light from the exterior windows. A bamboo plywood reception feature wall greets visitors, conveying a message of commitment to responsible and sustainable investments.

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