Studio 123 Daycare

This renovation of the not-for-profit daycare facility in the historic 401 Richmond building presented a number of project challenges including update of existing space programming, incorporation of modern design elements and respect for the 100+ year old building envelope and structure — all on a very tight budget and timeline. There were a number of original building elements that were maintained and featured such as the original wood flooring, exposed brick walls, exposed structural steel and Douglas Fir posts and beams and an original industrial skylight. Throughout the process of design and managing construction, DDA incorporated a detailed and highly function-oriented program required of the daycare facility and maintained the original spirit of the space in a sensitive manner.

The Director’s office, once physically detached from the daycare across the hall, was integrated to allow more effective oversight of daily operations, facilitated by a wrap-around window looking into the main space, providing not only views and sound privacy but also ample natural light from the skylight above. Damaged and well-worn millwork was replaced with more durable & sustainable materials while being creatively reworked to greatly increase overall storage needs. Wood “cubbies” were reclaimed from another facility and refinished as a means of reducing costs and waste materials. Material and colour palettes were unified to create a more connected feel, with slight variations signifying a division of spatial program elements. The beauty of the natural materials in the space was privileged through the use of a more subtle and calming colour scheme.

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